Wheel Manufacturing Process Pdf

Manufacturing Processes of Alloy Wheels for Cars

The valve hole punching press is used for the flat pressing and hole punching on tubeless wheel rims. After the feeding, deburring, stamping and auto coiling, the rim band will become a coiled hoop. Our wheel rim machinery is used to make steel wheel rims for cars, trucks, buses, tractors, farm vehicles and construction vehicles. Those produced by forging have a shallow mould that resembles the product only in the diameter.

Generally, the small wheel rim lien does not need to flatten the welding joint. They lost their place as shoes for regular cars, but retained their popularity for the high end ones.

Wheel manufacturing process pdf

After the weld joint processing, cooling, and re-rounding processes, a horizontal flaring machine will be used to flare two edges of the rim to make the following roll forming processes easier. These steel plates have been cut to length by the steel supplier. Rigidity, yield strength and toughness provide for most of their advantages over the others.

Wheel manufacturing process pdf

The fully automatic treatment that comes next, involves the exact centering, drillings for the wheel studs, the valve hoe and the remaining trimming of the wheel geometry. The most initial alloys were made of magnesium. It provides the forms for coiled hoops from flat rim bands.

Steel Wheel Production Line Process

Next comes the coating and degreasing process along with the application of etch primer and the undercoat. It is optional for users according to their requirements for machining precision.

The welding slag will be produced on both the inside and outside surface of the weld joint after the welding process. The forging process is, however, slightly more complicated. The rim bowl is now finished having been done by roller milling process. The fully automatic one only needs operators as feeding and discharging are all automatic, and achieves an automatic operation and material transportation. Finally, the paint and clear varnish are applied in succession, in the so-called wet on wet method.

Wheel manufacturing process pdfWheel manufacturing process pdf

Steel Wheel Rim Manufacturing Process. Edge flanging is an elaborate cold rolling processes for keeping two edges of the wheel rim smooth and burr free. The wheel disc is connected to a hub, and transmits the power from the engine. The valve hole punching is done after profiling, and is an important step in steel wheel rim manufacturing. Rims are incredibly important to the entire wheel component, battery secrets pdf which means rim manufacturing plays a crucial role in the production of wheels.

Click here to cancel reply. But today some of them weigh more than steel rims, specially if they are wider and of a larger diameter. Usually, the wheel rim and disc of passenger cars and trucks are connected by welding, whereas large wheel rims and discs for farm vehicles are bolted to each other. Longest solo bike trip - kms.

Notify me of new posts by email. The ones that are cast, require the mould to be produced precisely according to the exact calculated form developed on software. In addition to the die-cast wheel rims, there are forged rims.

Conventional production processes of the small, large and ultra-large wheel rim lines are shown in the following table for reference. The most important reason for the popularity and demand of aluminum wheel rims has been their low weight. The end of the sixties saw refinements in aluminum casting that increased safety of alloy wheels, since the ones being made till then had ductility issues leading to elongation. It can be used in the preparation of wheels for light weight cars, trucks, construction vehicles, farm vehicles and more.

The drillings also take place at this very point in the process. In addition, the steel wheel rim line can achieve remote control maintenance via an internet connection, making daily maintenance and inspection easy.

Wheel manufacturing process pdf

The lower weight through less wall thickness is decisive, and moreover increases the rigidity. The roll forming machine is used for the symmetrical or asymmetrical roll forming of wheel rims for passenger cars, tractors and construction vehicles.

Their exceptional rigidity allows for a leaner construction and much lower weight as compared to steel wheel rims. Process Arrangement of Wheel Rim Production Lines The production process arrangement of the steel wheel rim line is based on the steel plates that customers use. Took a while getting used to motorcycles but got there eventually. Have a flair for travelling, photography, reading, writing and music - listening to and playing instruments alike. With a corresponding mold, it can punch the right valve hole on the effective part of the rim.