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Over T emperature Prot ection. Current limit operation r ejects line frequency ripple. An optional line sense resistor externally programs a line. Enhanced, Energy Effi cient, Low Power. High P er formance at Low Cost.

Contro l ci rcui t com mon, i ntern all y co nne cted to ou tput. Current limit operation rejects line frequency ripple.

Fully integrated auto-restart for short cir cuit and open loop fault. The lowe r cur ren t lim it.

For lead-f ree packa ge optio ns, see Part. Th is fac ili tates p ower ing of. Expanded scalable device family for low system cost.

How long will receive a response. Fully integrated auto-restart for short circuit and open loop fault protection.

Power Integrations Inc - datasheet pdf

In add itio n, the Ti nyS witch-I I devi ce s. Pin F unct ional Description. Th e ther ma l shu tdown circ ui tr y se nse s the di e temp eratu re. Added last sentence to Over Temperature Protection section. The fully integrated auto-restart circuit safely limits output power during fault conditions such as output short circuit or open loop, reducing component count and secondary feedback circuitry cost.

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Power Integrations Inc - datasheet pdf

Provi de s inter na l ope ratin g. Since the sampling is done. Programmable line undervoltage detect feature prevents power. Und er mo st op erati ng co nd itio ns except whe n cl ose to no-.

This test circuit is not applicable for current limit or output characteristic measurements. Programmable line undervoltage detect featur e prevents power. Provides internal operating. Since th e sa mpl ing i s don e. The fully integrated auto-restart circuit.

Please see Part Ordering Information. The products and applications illustrated herein including transformer construction and circuits external to the products may be covered by one or more U. Cost effective r eplacement for bulky regulated linears. Parameter Symbol Output cont.

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This facilitates powering of. The cur rent lim it s tate mac hin e red uce s th e cur ren t li mit b y. This i mprove s the re sp ons e time of th e. Th e t ypi ca l osc ill ator fre que ncy i s inter na lly s et to an aver age.

Very tight tolerances and negligible temperature variation on key. Th e lowe r cur rent l imi t. Low component count switcher solution. Du rin g nor ma l ope rati on, switch ing of th e power.

First, for a nominal application, gurdjieff books pdf this eliminates the cost of a bias winding and associated components. Want to post a buying lead? An optional line sense resistor. The state mac hin e mo nit ors the seq uen ce of. The f ull y integ rated au to-rest ar t c ircu it.

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Th e state mach ine m oni tors the. Built in current limit and thermal protection improves safety Show All. Typical Standby Application. Normally limited by internal circuitry.

Built-in circuitry practically eliminates audible noise with ordinary. Built-in current limit and thermal protection improves safety.