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Hemp is a vegetable fibers that are heavier and coarser than either linen or ramie. They are extraordinarily wrinkle resistant even when wet and hold their shape well.

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Same manufacturing process as flax. Take a yarn or thread and untwist until it comes apart, or pull a single strand from an opened cotton ball or from a bunch of wool. Since it is even stronger. Vegetable type bast fiber.

Angora The very best angora, which is combed from the Angora rabbit, is an extremely soft, fluffy, and warm fiber. Thus the need to study about fiber, fabric and clothing. Silk has been considered as one of the most elegant and luxurious of fibers. This process also helps to alleviate some of the shedding that occurs with angora due to the shortness of its fibers.

Manufacturing is similar to linen. Hemp come from the stems of the hemp. Popular in Livestock Farming.

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Madelaine Quiroz Espinoza. Since it is even stronger wet than dry, it is also very easy to wash. Its ability to absorb up to one-third its weight before it feels wet to the touch allows wool to absorb perspiration and release it gradually, preventing chills under a variety of weather conditions. These fibers are very easy to care for. Cottons treated with caustic soda and then stretched to make them smoother, more polished in.

Clothing is one of the basic needs for mankind. It protects the body from heat and cold, but also brings out ones personality, enhances beauty, gives comfort and expresses the status of living.

The method of raising silk worms and removing the silk filaments.

Take a yarn or thread and untwist until it comes apart, or pull a single strand from an. Polyesters Polyester traditionally from diethylene glycole and terephtalic acid is referred to as Dacron. It is often used to make twines and sacking. Cotton is a vegetable cellulosic fiber grown widely in hot climates the world over. Sheepskin, including the hair, was probably used long before it was discovered that fibers could be spun into yarns or even felted into fabric.

Cashmere While somewhat weaker than wool, cashmere is luxurious-extraordinarily soft, resilient, and receptive to dyes. It is popularly known as the Queen of fabrics. It is non-allergenic, and absorbs moisture and dries quickly, giving it a cooling effect.

The term textile fibers refers to fibers that can be spun into yarn or made into fabric. Documents Similar To Textile fiber Intro. Cotton Cotton referred to as the King of fibers is most important textile fiber in the world. Air spaces between the elastic crimps in wool fibers create an insulating barrier which shields the body from cold or hot air, macroeconomics for today 7th edition pdf regulating the body's natural temperature. Yarn It is an assemblage of fibers twisted or laid together to form continues strand suitable for use in weaving and knitting.

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Wool is a natural protein fiber and considered as Mans best friend. Ramie It is also vegetable fiber origin bast fiber. Filament Fibers with continuous length. This rare and expensive fiber is combed once a year from the bellies of the cashmere goat, which lives only in the mountains of China and Tibet.

Cotton fabrics were made by the ancient Egyptian, Chinese and of course Indian civilizations. Stronger than jute and flax. Each rabbit can only provide a small amount of angora, so the expensive fiber is often combined with other fibers. Hemp It is also bast fiber. It having good absorbency then cotton.

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Clothing is one of the basic needs for mankind. It protects

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Silk yarn is made from the thread-like filaments the silkworm spins around itself to form its cocoon. The earliest fragments of wool fabric have been found in Egypt but Mesopotamia is the birth place of wool.