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He comes into contact with other individuals in different capacities. Received law is applicable in Tanzania only when there is no local written law to address the matter at issue and when local circumstances permits. Laws also give us a deeper concept of how everything works in a society. He brought local custom including some that predated the Norman conquest to the national level, put an end to local control, and reinstated the citizen jury system. These are sets of written law or statutory laws passed by the parliament of Tanzania since independence in and sets of laws passed by the colonial legislative council.

Any case law that is from a court of equal or higher rank to the one where a case is now being heard, will normally take precedence over common law, should they differ. The following is a specific example of how the enabling statute process works. Private law comprises the following fields. In Zanzibar however, a double tier system still exists where by Islamic courts known as Kadhi co-exists with secular courts.

Sources of law

You are right - there are some debates going on now about some crucial and far-reaching federal laws that might be voted on in the near future. General principle of law or general legal principle refers to a principle that is recognized in all kinds of legal relations, regardless of the legal system to which it belongs.

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We have to always consider where our laws come from before we can accept if they are valid. What is Delegated Legislation? The perceived authenticity of a source of law may rely on a choice of jurisprudence analysis. The Constitution is divided into seven articles followed by amendments. Later on, the legislature had to rectify the situation by bringing amendments to the stature.

It contains such subject, which though are of local importance yet need uniformity on national level or at least some parts of the country i. Shiriki kwenye Twitter Shiriki kwenye Facebook. These are laws which govern intercourse or relations between sovereign states, or individuals and sovereign states at international level, e.

It is another important source of law in Tanzania. By this decision the dispute was settled. Precedent is the accumulated principles of law derived from centuries of decisions. Even local organizations such as city councils have the power to create ordinances that affect citywide behavior.

Legislation is that source of law, which consists in the declaration, or promulgation transmission of legal rules by an authority duly empowered by the Constitution in that behalf. When a case is decided, the decision is thereafter a precedent, that is, a reason for deciding a similar case the same way. These are sets of legislation passed by the parliament of England to apply in England but were of general nature that they would apply in other territories.


As an accepted international practice, the member countries of the United Nations pass resolution on matters affecting the interest of such countries. Its decisions are binding on all Courts within the territory of India Article of the Constitution. The lower court must follow what the higher court has said, in another case where the circumstances are similar. And that included grocery stores.

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If the duty paid by him is ordered to be refunded the beneficiary of refund would be the manufacturer because he may not be in a position to pay back the Excise duty collected by it to the customers. You may review the Constitution here. Show related SlideShares at end.

Sources of law sounds like a pretty dry and boring concept but its actually really interesting to think about. The following are sources of law. Not to be confused with The Sources of English Law. It only unjustly enriches him. If, for instance, the entire workforce of a town takes a certain day off work each year, bar billiards rules pdf the city council could use that custom to create a law calling that day a public holiday.

Laws are very important for running and keeping a society in order. The courts are a source of law for two reasons. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted. Nebraska is the only state to have only one chamber, which is the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.

The Senate has members, two members from each state. Are some federal laws self-serving to certain business and government groups, or are they going to benefit the majority of Americans? Treaties are agreements between the United States and one or more other countries. This may be extended by a further period of one year by passing a fresh resolution by the concerned State Assembly.

The Constitution is a source of law in at least three ways. It is from the these laws that all other laws filter down.

Laws are very interesting to think about and is a great topic to study. While in fact it did not belong to him. Theaters, gas stations, taverns, and other establishments were closed all day Sunday. No custom shall have the force of law if it in manner violates the Fundamental Rights. SlideShare Explore Search You.

All sets laws are subject to the basic law of the land which is the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of as amended severally. As circumstances and conditions in a society change, laws are changed to fit the requirements of the society.

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