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Unless they can multiply the watts, like in the Bible. Was told they were factory defective parts. For the price, we would surely buy them again if they wouldn't breakdown. Pros Compact, powerful, good-looking.

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He is pretty much a solo artist that plays the guitar and sings. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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Equipped with the famous crown amps, they are solid, les lettres philosophiques de voltaire pdf you get really round lows when you drive them to the max with Pitbull. Light and very easy to handle.

Good evening o hello, depending on when you read my message! So the issue arises that you need to be able to carry whatever equipment you bring and is that equipment going to be good enough to handle the club that you will be in. In the rehearsal room the Eons were used for vocals and keyboards, and they did a very nice job. At higher volumes the mids stayed strong, and the programme remained clear and well focused.

The following will help you get set up as soon as possible. Honestly, I am very trsdu of these speakers, I've had a year and frankly! Attachment of the loudspeaker to a supporting structure should be referred to a qualified professional. You just can go wrong with having these in your set up.

The only positive thing in these fora, the weight and it's not too bulky, but otherwise, not made the same mistake I did, compare, in addition to the brand-time not everything. They are perfect for a venue with persons without a sub, I was able to use them at full power and when I touched the back of the amps, they didn't get hot at all.

Innovation Installations History. Although the app can only control one speaker at a time, it can discover and display icons for up to four, and exact settings can be copied between them.

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Both speakers failed at the same time during a performance. Nice speaker for the price. This choice I would do without hesitation. It can handle almost anything I have seen this thing dropped so many times its crazy and it never cause a problem and at most just caused a few scratches.

None of us can afford to purchase a really expensive monitor and if you want to perform in some clubs they require you to have your own speaker system. Sort by most recent most useful.

The other interactive area is the control panel, which on the Eon s is neat, clear and easy to figure out even for an infrequent or inexperienced user. For now I have not found him defect. They are also very easy to get in and out of your car. Good agreement is a bit heavy. Unsafe mounting or overhead suspension of any heavy load can result in serious injury and equipment damage.

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They have nice sound after adjustment of onboard equalizer and mixer. And at this level, every hz counts. Previous article Next article.

This is a difficult wall to climb with the natural sounds of the clubs these days. Thankfully they were covered under warranty. We know you are anxious to get up and running as fast as possible, which is why you are reading this section.

He has been doing this for awhile and has been through a good amount of speakers some good and some bad. Did you find this review helpful?

Attachment of the loudspeaker to supporting structure should be referred to a qualified professional. Have you tried many other models before buying it? As a first test I like to listen to speakers in a familiar space my workshop studio and with familiar recorded material. Additional rubber feet are moulded into the side handles, for when the speaker is used on its side. Lack of an angled pole socket option.

Raise the speakers as high as possible. Already said above, I'm used to the sound jbl so I chose the eon without hesitation. Personally, I work without subwoofer and it's quite all right for up to persons in the venue. And we are very careful with our gear, it could've been bad luck, but pay attention to the plastic, which is fragile and scratches easily. The password field is case sensitive.

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At the second outdoor event one of those multi-band town festival affairs I used one of the Eon s as an upstage drum monitor, which was a bit of a revelation. They are very easy to handle, and setting up is a breeze from both an audio and a physical point of view. Welcome To The Family Series loudspeakers. They announce the watts of sound, but it's true!

Recent topics Does anyone know what this instrument is? The steel grille covers the whole front area and is neatly recessed and securely fastened, with no rattles or creaks. My first thoughts about the Eon s was how light and good-looking they were lifting the things out of their shipping cartons is the first test, and these almost floated up! One session was a lot louder than the other, and the users were impressed with the sound delivery, especially that vocal crispness which I mentioned earlier.