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And in its contempt of humans, at what seemed, to the rabbit, somehow a base ingratitude, it decided to end it all. He went to the foreman, who, a meteorology enthusiast, kept a barometer hanging over his desk. At one corner there was surely the marble plaque with the name of the street, but the light of the lamp-post, suspended between the two lanes, didn't reach that far. The rabbit, frightened, behaved itself. He hadn't noticed the noise, before.

Isolina stava leggendo un giornale di novelle sentimentali. And then early in the morning, rolling the cans down to the trucks that take them to the city. To fall asleep like a bird, to have a wing you could stick your head under, a world of branches suspended above the earthly world, barely glimpsed down below, muffled and remote. The air was turning gray and down from the meadows came a troop of men, of various ages, all dressed in heavy gray suits, buttoned up like pajamas, all with cap and cane.

And I haven't the slightest notion of skinning it, either. To waken him, Marcovaldo gave the bottom of the jar a whack. Ecco ora poteva muoversi, senza nulla intorno che gli facesse paura, forse come mai prima in vita sua. We'll tie a pretty ribbon around his neck and you can go for a walk with him.

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Marcovaldo realized it was going to last quite a while. All the snow in the courtyard rose and whirled in a blizzard, drawn upwards, pulverized in the sky. He was wearing his heavy work coat, tight at the waist. He remembered that at the tavern they had told him to take a certain avenue, follow it for a hundred yards, then ask again. One fine morning, in a couple of hours-from six to eight, before going to work, at the river with the tench-could he fail to catch some?

It was the sort of herd that used to cross the city at night, in early summer, going towards the mountains for the alpine pasture. The action of unscrewing the cover already makes your mouth water, especially if you don't yet know what is inside, because, for example, it's your wife who prepares the vessel for you every morning. The moon's hump is to the west. His daughter Isolina, romantic, dreamed of humming-birds to decorate her hat.

Michelino dreamed of finding a stork up there. He had an idea and he rose to his feet.

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For a moment he was almost frozen with anger, fury, then-as sometimes happens-the collapse of individual passion led to a generous impulse. Has it started snowing again? The milk, the bedding, the dung. Marcovaldo stuck the top of the jar there and slipped away the paper that was acting as a lid. Il luogo era insolito, ma una chiara idea di cosa fosse e cosa non fosse solito non aveva potuto mai crearsela.

Funghi in citt

Or the Seasons in the City. In the other places were seated impassive Indians, with beards and turbans. Marcovaldo, immobilized, twisted his mouth and eyes to scold them.

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There it was cool, peaceful. The shadowy form of the plant on the sill could be seen from the room. The greatest gift it had known in life was the ability to have a few moments free of fear.

He came home with another wasp in the jar. The void really was a chasm.

But they were too caught up in the argument to notice him. But that doesn't have anything to do with the stars.

But I punished them, all right. And then jump ashore and go play a bit farther off, otherwise the men will wake up and drive me away.

Marcovaldo collected his papers and moved the rabbit to his chest, because he had to turn and leave. If it belonged to me, Marcovaldo thought, I would stuff it until it became a ball.

It really has grown, hasn't it? Along the street, making his own path, he felt free as he had never felt before. Finally he saw one, a shadow, and waited for it to come closer.

They came in bunches, some talking in loud voices or laughing, sticking those canes into the grass or carrying them, hung by the curved handle, over their arm. The routes birds follow, as they migrate southwards or northwards, in autumn or in spring, rarely cross the city. He realized he was in the midst of the river, voyaging. This street-cleaner, whose jurisdiction included the place where the mushrooms grew, was a lanky youth with eyeglasses.

He placed it, open, near the tree. For a while, at least Domitilla complained only of the wasp sting. Marcovaldo compared the moon with the traffic-light. But still it was a plant, and as such it suffered, because staying there, between the curtain and the umbrella-stand, it lacked light, air, and dew. Lying on his cot in the hospital, swollen beyond recognition by the stings, Marcovaldo didn't dare react to the curses that were hurled at him from the other cots of the ward by his patients.

Italo Calvino. Marcovaldo or The Seasons in the City

Calvino's later Invisible Cities was already at work in Marcovaldo and with a more cogent narrative drive. Marcovaldo studied the naked trees, one by one, thinking of his family, waiting for him with their teeth chattering. The captain's opinion was confirmed a few days later by a clerk in the place where Marcovaldo worked who had returned from his first-shift holiday. Astolfo sped past, and the headlight illuminated Marcovaldo, who had scrambled to the top with his saw, trying to cut off a slice. Meanwhile Cavalier Ulrico, an old hunter, had loaded his rifle with cartridges for hare, and had gone to take his stand on a terrace, calculo vectorial zill pdf hiding behind a chimney.

The billboard for a headache tablet was a gigantic head of a man, his hands over his eyes, in pain. The swallows plunged headlong through the air onto the city. Finirono per prenderlo in braccio e portarlo su di peso. The stretch of road he had just cleared was being covered again with snow, by the helter-skelter shoveling of a character panting there on the sidewalk. Sometimes a wasp would sting them, but they hardly cried anymore, because they knew it was good for their health.

At a certain hour, as if a switch had been thrown, they stopped production and, away! This time is necessary for searching and sorting links. But that day, Michelino, to save time and catch more, began hunting right at the entrance to the nest. He looked around, seeking some reference-point. And so, until the last sound of a cow-bell had died away in the dawn light, Marcovaldo went on combing the city in vain.

On rainy nights when all of them were in bed, they could hear the tic-toc-tuc of the various drips, which made him shudder as if at a premonition of rheumatism. And all of a sudden, about three hundredweight of snow fell right on top of him. It was a male, but a very handsome male, for whom a bride should be found and the means to raise a family. Officer Astolfo set out to inspect. It was at this point that he saw, at a man's height, a movement of beams of light.