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You will not be able to clean yourself with your hands because they too will be covered. He's a maestro, a conductor, an eminent one. Your hair will be a tangled, filthy nest and a thick paste will dribble down into your eyes, blinding you.

Instinto de Inez de Carlos Fuentes

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Clumsy, pretentious and complete waste of time. The main character was obsessed with the crystal seal, but that doesn't mean that the narrator also needs to be obsessed with the seal. Couldn't even bear to finish this self-congratulatory drivel.

Yet I can identify poetic lines in every pages of this piece. By now the numbers have been whittled down, by death, mainly, and only a few of these giants remain. Itulah kemenangan utamanya.

They were eventually married. What a confusing and mysterious book. Faus menempatkan topeng yang tidak awam pada seorang pria yang tidak mengenalinya namun malah berakhir mengadopsinya. Or the boy who played the rough-made, ivory flute? The mirror narrative, though, about the caveman and cavewoman or Adam and Eve?

Or maybe it really just wasn't that great to begin with. One can write about how obsessed a character is without being obsessed one's self. Mungkin tepat bila menyebut buku ini tentang musik, kehidupan, kematian, cinta, yang disampaikan dengan cara membingungkan!

He was a legend, yet arrogant as most famous artist did. Also at times it seems like the main character was a caricature of the passionate Latino.

You will run your hands over your body and it will feel sticky, smeared from head to toe with the same viscous substance that will coat your face. It seems like the author just got some ideas in his head and ran with it without ever thinking if it made sense or if it would ever translate to the reader.

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You feel coated with myth and mystery and passion like a dream that you struggle to understand when you wake up. Dia memperjuangkan apa yang dia percaya tanpa mempedulikan opini umum dan hidup dengan kebencian dan iri dengki orang-orang di sekitarnya. Haunting at times and a good read overall.

The Inez of the title is a singer with a unique and prodigious voice. Nope, not just regarding Inez herself, but Fuentes wrote everything from the language, the symphony, the war, even to the Nazi, poetically. This is my second attempt at enjoying a Carlos Fuentes novel, nfpa 1002 pdf free and both times he has let me down. Lo primero que leo de Carlos Fuentes.

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Fuentes influenced contemporary Latin American literature, and his works have been widely translated into English and other languages. Ich habe es nicht verstanden. The sort of book which bedevils one with boredom for a page or two and then floors the reader with an out of sight insight.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Keduanya berbeda tapi terkadang mereka sama. You will not know how you got here. But that is not the whole story. Encuentras magia conforme avanza la historia.

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However when it came to blending the tale of the first natives, I found that tale rather odd and the blending of the main story felt almost too disjointed, or at best a real stretch to unite. Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Was only music abstract, free of visible ties, the purification and illusions of our mortal bodily misery? Kind of like life, I guess. The parts that did were beautiful. But we don't meet her for a while.

It was great reading this book while I was in Mexico where recently deceased Carlos Fuentes lived and was revered. The couple ended their relationship amid scandal when Fuentes eloped with a very pregnant and then-unknown journalist named Silvia Lemus. So that is why I call it masturbation since this novella seemed to be for the benefit of the author, not necessarily for the reader. The main character was obsessed with the crystal seal, but that doesn't mean that the narrator also needs to be obse The beginnings of the first and second chapters were good. Margaret Sayers Peden Translator.

Another gothic tale which has melded with others over time. Not everything worked, but I don't necessarily care about that. You will not know what you are supposed to do. But they quickly dived after that and the rest of the book never recovered.

Because thematic overtones are apparently sufficient for melding two half-stories together. The parts with the opera singer and the conductor were alright, the other stuff not so much. The beginnings of the first and second chapters were good.

He leaves all that pretty nebulous. She fights for her cause with no care about the common opinion and lives off people's resentment and jealousy. He refused to record his pieces so there were only live performances.

Para decir Gracias comp rteloInstinto de Inez Carlos Fuentes

Had mixed feelings about the book. Strange, disturbing and fascinating. El que no sea la misma historia es algo que agradezco, pues rompe con lo previsible y le da un giro interesante a la historia.

Faust places an unfamiliar mask on the man who doesn't recognise it but ends up adopting it. And his work has always been quite unpredictable, except that we can be sure we'll be surprised.