Htc One X User Manual Pdf

On the Home screen, go to the Contacts widget. Deleting groups You can only delete groups that you have created. Some apps, such as People or Mail, have their own search function, which you can use to search only within those apps. Show or hide To show all tasks, tap All lists. Staying Connected To Your Contacts Staying connected to your contacts Just because you're driving doesn't mean you have to be isolated from the rest of the world.

HTC One X User guide

Switch to the email account you want to use. Tap Accessibility and choose the settings you want. Htc Watch Under Online storage, you'll see your available Dropbox storage. Please can someone share with me how to open. Movie Editor lets you make short theme-based slideshow movies complete with transitions and background music.

Call History Phone calls Making an Internet call Make an Internet call to either your contact's Internet calling account or phone number. To sync your email at any time, open the Mail app and check your inbox. Enter a contact name, mobile number, or email address in the To field. Log on to your accounts before you start viewing online photos.

Managing Tasks Google Play and other apps Linking a task to a location Link tasks to a location so that the next time you are in an area, you can check which errands you can do along the way. Choose from a wide variety of free and paid apps ranging from productivity apps, entertainment, to games. You can also add additional songs while creating a new playlist. Tap Add tag and description to enter a caption on each photo or video or tag friends on your photos. To find your location with Google Maps, you need to enable location sources.

HTC One X User guide

Smart dial searches and calls a stored contact or a number from your call history. Select one or more sound sets you want to delete. Use the Messages app to compose and send text and multimedia messages.

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Pinch the Home screen to show the Leap view. If you have more than one account set up, tap the type for the imported contacts. When the microphone is turned off, the mute icon appears in the status bar.

Calendar Never miss an important date again. You can also apply certain effects to videos. Try speaking the words to enter them. You can then download and install the software update using the Wi-Fi or data connection.


Go to the All accounts inbox first. Phone Calls Phone calls Phone calls Making a call with Smart dial You can either dial a number directly, or use Smart dial to quickly place a call. To open the camera, tap from the Home screen, and then tap Camera.

HTC One X user manual

Press and hold the widget or icon you want to move. Gallery Choose an existing photo and crop it. You need to connect to the Internet when opening linked pages and video clips.

Use the Calendar app to schedule your events, meetings, and appointments. On the People tab, tap the Link suggestion notification when available. Tap the onscreen controls to control the video playback, adjust the volume, capture an image during playback, and more. Under the Linked contacts section, tap beside an account to break the link.

Click Done to save your music sync settings. Open an Office document, such as one that's attached to an email. Tap Mobile network, and then select the Data roaming option. On the unlock screen, enter your lock pattern. If you didn't turn it on before, you can enable it in the Dropbox settings.

To learn how to connect the printer to a local network, wm 2010 spielplan ergebnisse pdf refer to your printer user guide. Your destination is automatically saved in the Google Maps history. Choose to sync All Music or only Selected Playlists. Tap a specific account and tasks or lists then tap the list that you want to show.

Press and hold at the end of the group to move, and then drag it to its new position. Press and hold the widget or icon with one finger. Taking a photo while watching a video While you're watching a video in Gallery, tap to capture a still shot.

HTC One X10 User Manual PDF

Skins give a different look and feel to most onscreen buttons, application screens, option menus, and other items. Settings And Security Turning Airplane mode on or off In many countries, you are required by law to turn off wireless devices while on board an aircraft. Tap the backup file to import. You can only link a location to tasks created under My Tasks. Notification icons Notification icons on the status bar make it easy for you to keep on top of your messages, calendar events, and alarms.

Personalizing The Launch Bar Personalizing Personalizing the launch bar The launch bar on your Home screen gives you one-touch access to commonly used apps. The Ringtone volume window appears on the screen to display the volume levels. Tap the message and then resume editing it.

Manual HTC One X plus


Press Smart Sync then extends the email synchronization time after each auto sync time passes and you don't open the Mail app. Scroll through the available effects and tap one that you like.

Select the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option to turn on the wireless router. Choose the online accounts that contain the contacts you want to display. If the animated wallpaper you chose can be customized, tap Settings. Press and hold a location on the map. It's easy to take a picture of the screen and share it from Gallery.

To change them, you'll have to replace the apps on the launch bar. Some apps, such as Contacts or Mail, have their own search function, which you can use to search only within those apps. You can also pause music playback right from the Notifications panel. Tap Keyboard types, and then select the keyboard layout that you want to use. Select the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot option to turn on the wireless router.