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Face detection will not work if the face is very small or large in the picture, too bright or too dark, or partially hidden. When you take the picture, only the image applied with the Creative filter will be saved. Playing Movies k Playing Movies Play back the image. The closer it is to E, the softer the image will look.

Doing so may cause fire or a health hazard. Make sure the card is properly inserted p. The print settings will be applied to all print-ordered images. About the Histogram The brightness histogram shows the exposure level distribution and overall brightness. Each one can be fine-tuned.

They do not affect the images recorded. Movie-Recording File Size Size approx. The software will not be installed correctly. While looking at the magnified image, While looking at the magnified image, While looking at the magnified image, turn the lens focusing ring to focus.

Download Canon EOS M50 PDF User Manual Guide

Canon EOS M50 Camera User Manual Instruction Manual User Guide (PDF)

Experiment and enjoy discovering how photography works. Specify the part to be edited out. The loss of detail in highlights and shadows will be reduced in the final image. The smaller you make the trimming frame, the grainier the picture will look in the print.

Image Highlight tone priority p. Page Date-Based Image Storage Instead of saving images in folders created each month, you can have the camera create folders each day you shoot to store shots taken that day. With q, the exposure setting will be locked when you press the shutter button halfway and focus is achieved.

Press the shutter button completely. You can save the corrected image as a separate file. You can change where the image looks sharp. An image applied with a Creative filter during playback can be saved as a new image, leaving the original image intact. Autofocus Focusing ring Fine-tune the Shoot focus Magnification is activated.

Download Canon EOS M50 PDF User Manual Guide

There are two ways to do this. Page Reducing Noise at Slow Shutter Speeds Reduce noise from long exposures at shutter speeds of one second or slower. Image Select and order images one by one.

What is displayed on the screen differs depending on the printer. Page Finding Images with the Front Dial Use the front dial to find and jump between desired images quickly according to your specified conditions. The menu options are as follows.

Canon EOS M Instruction Manual

Page k Shooting Movies While shooting a movie, be careful not to cover the microphone with your finger. By adjusting the color tone, you can change the color cast. Attach the rear lens cap to the detached lens. Page Cropping You can specify a portion of an image to save as a separate image file. However, in case visible dust still remains, you can append the Dust Delete Data to the image for erasing the dust spots later.

You can adjust the recording level manually. This method is called manual exposure. Manual Sensor Cleaning The surface of the image sensor is extremely delicate. The image size according to aspect ratios is shown in the table below. The operation procedure is the same as with still photos p.

Page Changing the Focusing Method If the focus is far off, face detection will not be possible. It will return to normal at room temperature. Set the trimming right before printing. Image jump with For movies, only the functions in bold above can be set.

Canon EOS M Instruction Manual

Set the exposure while referring to the exposure level scale. You can create several Picture Styles with different settings for parameters such as sharpness or contrast. Then you can further press the shutter button completely. First set the time zone, ssis interview questions and answers pdf then set the date and time.

Page Correcting Lens Aberrations Correct vignetting and subject color fringing due to lens characteristics, or lack of image sharpness due to aperture. Tap the parameter to be set. Page Deactivating Exposure Simulation Images are displayed at a brightness simulating the actual brightness as captured.

Download Canon EOS M PDF User Manual Guide

The setting procedure is the same as that for setting a camera menu function. Page Screen Brightness Adjust screen brightness. The image transfer is a function of the Eye-Fi card. Screen Brightness Screen Brightness Adjust screen brightness. Page Erasing Multiple Images Multiple images can be selected individually and erased.

Image Playback There are lots of ways to enjoy your photography, from traditional prints to on-screen slideshows and social media. Check the exposure level and set the desired shutter speed and aperture. However, the recording may sound unnatural when this option is used when there is no wind. This adjustment can match the effect of using a commercially available color temperature conversion filter or color-compensating filter.

The camera will focus on subjects and adjust image brightness automatically. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Look for different facial expressions and poses in your portraits.

Page Adjusting the Touch-Screen Panel Sensitivity of the touch-screen panel can be increased, so that the camera responds to a lighter touch. Shooting Tips Use a simple background. Activate Choose an area to Focus magnification focus on Drag across the screen to display an area to focus on. When the battery level is low, the continuous shooting speed will become slightly slower. Set the shooting mode to a Creative Zone mode p.

Page Listing Shooting Modes by Icon List shooting modes on the selection screen by icon only, without mode names, for faster selection. Page Shooting with Your Favorite Settings Creative Assist Defocus the background, adjust brightness, or change other settings in other ways as you watch the screen. Camera Shake Using the Self-Timer to Avoid Camera Shake This option delays shutter release until about two seconds after you have pressed the shutter button. Page Troubleshooting Guide The subject looks distorted during movie shooting.

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Canon EOS M50 Key Features

Canon EOS M50 Key Features