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The only reason I'm not giving this machine five stars is, the torch was defective right out of the box. Graduated from a model miller. Cyberweld did a great job on delivering as well, machine was ordered on a Tuesday and arrived the next Saturday afternoon several days earlier than expected. The torch can be comfortably held in one hand Trigger or steadied with two hands.

Pros Have not used machine yet, so the only pro I can name is that machine looks solid and professionally built. Connect the gas line to the compressed air inlet port at the appropriate pressure.

Cutmaster 42

Features two power plugs, one for the standard volt outlet and another plug for a volt outlet. Had everything i needed right out of the box. Works perfect in a home shop. Great out of the box experience. Select Current Output Level Set the desired current output level.

Check Item Description Cat. This is my first plasma cutter. Well packaged and at least visibly non-damaged container, free shipping from Cyber-Weld. Once I narrowed it down to that I found this machine which uses far less air than comparable machines and also comes with a pelican-style carrying case.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Parts

We distinguish ourselves from our competition through market-leading, dependable products that have stood the test of time. One more thing is dry air is need for optimal cuts and long lasting consumables. Terminals from supply cable. If I adjust my grip the trigger works, it just feels cheap and has a small sweet spot where it works and a large area where nothing happens. Check air filter and replace if neces- sary.

The free shaded safety glasses, gloves and consumables are a nice touch. One down fall is that you need a bushing to use the circle and straight cutting guides.

There are extremely dangerous voltage and power levels present inside this product. Allow two minutes for capacitors to discharge after disconnection from mains supply voltage. Your satisfaction with this product and its safe operation is our ultimate concern. This kit it will filter out moisture and contaminants that can shorten tip and consumable life and help prevent internal problems.

Harris Specialty Gas Regulators. Good machine for the farm work I do sure makes life easier I would recommend it to anyone doing light to moderate metal cutting. It seems to cut very clean on the lighter gauge materials. Bleed down the gas supply. This thing cuts as good, embedding 3d models in pdf if not better than the Spectrum I had and is a fraction of the size.

Price for this cutter is beyond reasonable! They will send you a check for the rebate.

They didn't feel that it was that big of a rush to get another torch, I suppose! Thermal Dynamics tech support was great. After several calls, and asking for a supervisor, they got up to speed. If not is that something that I would need to purchase before using the cutter? For now my purchase belongs in the supplied container waiting for additional consumables wow did I ever make a big mistake this machine is unreliable.

After a couple of back surgeries I have started scupting again, and in looking for another plasma cutter price was an issue this time around. Cuts flawlessly through all ranges of materials.

Set at max amps the cut master did have a good punch while working it sliced through steel very well. The air pressure is automatically regulated by the cutter so there is no adjustment for pressure.

Reliable as the sunrise and all the machine I've needed. Welding Tables And Workbenches. This one works very smooth and cuts as well as many high dollar units I have used.

If it does need a compressor what type and how big? The machine is a Lincoln sad. Thermal dynamics really hit the mark with this product!

The case and other accessories are a nice touch. Like the convenience of the plug receptacles, sure will help if portability is needed. Nice and compact, the carrying case is super skookum!

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Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter w/SL40 Torch 1-4200

We suggest that if you are serious about running a plasma out in the field to do mobile jobs that you obtain a larger generator. Carts, Running Gear and Trailers.

Make sure that work cable has a proper connection to a clean, dry area of the work piece. Torch switch was depressed before machine was completely powered up.