Cubase 7 Operation Manual Pdf

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Cubase 7 operation manual pdf

The result depends on the source material, the particular stretch and pitch operations applied, and the selected audio algorithm preset. Writing Automation Data You can create automation curves manually or automatically. Manual Adjust The Manual Adjust function is useful if you need to manually modify the grid and tempo of your audio file. However, you can change the track color manually.

Cubase 7 operation manual pdf

Select one of the available entries. Voicings Voicings determine how chord events are set up.

These fades are applied to the audio clip. Remaining Record Time The Max. Furthermore, you can set up the input and output routing for multiple tracks or channels at the same time.

Folder tracks can contain any type of track including other folder tracks. Filter Conditions The upper list is where you set up the filter conditions, determining which elements to find.

Cubase 7 operation manual pdf

Micro-Pitch Changes Sometimes changing the pitch of the whole note segment is not enough. Video File Compatibility When working on a project involving a video file, you must make sure that the video file type works on your system. Filter Conditions By setting up filter conditions you can determine which filter target that is what elements you want to find.

Export Audio Mixdown The Export Audio Mixdown function allows you to mix down and export all audio that is contained between the left and right locators of a project. To keep your projects as manageable as possible, make sure that you save project files and all related files in the respective project folders.

Remote Devices and Automation You can write automation using remote devices. Snap Function The Snap function helps you to find exact positions when editing in the Project window. This dialog offers the same functions as the Projects section in the Hub. Folder Tracks Folder tracks function as containers for other tracks, making it easier to organize and manage the track structure. Deliverables A surround mix in Cubase can be sent as multi-channel audio from the surround output bus to a recorder, or can be exported to audio files on your hard disk.

Cubase 7 operation manual pdfCubase 7 operation manual pdf

Time Display Window The Time Display window allows you to view the current time position in a separate window. How the Score Editor works. It allows you to add and edit tempo events. Installing and Managing Plug-ins.

MediaBay The MediaBay allows you to manage all your media files and presets from multiple sources. These can transform the pitches of other events. Punch In and Punch Out The punch in and the punch out points are a pair of markers that you can use for punch in and punch out recordings. They are stored as global Cubase preferences that are used for all your projects.

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Moving Tracks in the Track List You can move tracks up or down in the track list. Chord Track The chord track allows you to add chord events and scale events. You can also specify the order of the sections.

Calculating Hitpoints When you add an audio file to your project by recording or by importing, Cubase automatically detects hitpoints. Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist. Synchronized operation Once you have connected all the devices that will be synchronized, it is important to understand how Cubase operates in Sync mode. Operations affected by Snap include moving, copying, drawing, sizing, splitting, range selection, arihant books for iit jee pdf etc.

Reset Functions The Reset pop-up menu provides functions that allow you to reset all VariAudio changes that you performed. Static Value Line When you open an automation track for the first time, it does not contain any automation events. These are calculated in real time when you play back audio events. The bus configuration is saved with the project. Saving Project Files You can save the active project as a project file.

Auto-Scroll Auto-Scroll allows you to keep the project cursor visible in the window during playback. Locating to Hitpoints in the Project Window You can navigate through the hitpoints of an audio event in the Project window. Setting Up a Cue Mix You can create a cue mix from the fader and pan levels that are used in the MixConsole and change them to meet the needs of the individual performers. Renaming the Hardware Inputs and Outputs Before you set up busses, you should rename the default inputs and outputs of your audio hardware.

Operation Manual

Pool Window The Pool window allows you to manage the media files of the active project. You can also specify the order of controls and group controls so that they are always shown adjacent to each other. Considerations and limitations. Arranger Track You can use the arranger track for arranging your project by marking out sections and determining in which order they are to be played back. Side-chaining allows you to use the output of one track to control the action of an instrument on another track.