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They vary in number from place to place, however with more among the Yoruba where one can get as many as of divinities. It is such that when these laws are broken, it is not just settled between humans, the divine is also appeased.

Ancient African Cosmology After many trillions of years at the end given universe our ancestors form a new earth from the stars and planets. What then is African cosmology?

Conclusion The foregoing research reveals that the African worldview is a unified reality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

As the Igbo Ekwensu was misunderstood by missionaries and new converts to Christianity as the biblical devil, Esu has also been misunderstood as the Christian devil. It is the divinity of wisdom, prognostication and foreknowledge, and in fact the oracle divinity of Yoruba land.

It is also the son of Chineke, and sometimes referred to as the husband of Ala. Most African traditional societies speak of God as King. Idowu avers that the body is the creation of Orisha nla Arch-divinity.

This first earth is made in complete darkness and is seen only by inner sight. Just as a husband fertilizes his wife so does Amadioha fertilize his wife Ala through rainfall. Just as the Igbo Amadioha is the god of thunder and lightning, Sango is the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning, with his presence manifested in thunderbolts and lightning. Journal of the Humanities. Comparative studies of African Traditional Religion.

The after-life for the African is a life of continuing relationship with the living dead. Honest to African cultural heritage. Journal of African Philosophy, mappa di firenze pdf Culture and Religion consider impossible. What is Ancient African Cosmology?

The primacy of the human being in the African universe is due to the central place he occupies within the universe. People who wish to know why certain things happen, how to solve certain problems and so on, go to diviners.

African cosmology pdf

Ancient African Cosmology

This Unity bring about a state of mind known as eternity or heaven. It is in fact regarded as the god of purity or the holiness of God and its worshippers are expected to be pure as well. Idowu describes the body as the concrete, tangible thing of flesh and bones which can be known through the senses. Intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and power is bestowed on those who have received the blessings of the agent of the Almighty God.

African cosmology pdf

Thus even when a divinity is delegated, it does not take the place of God. The stars of the previous universe become the atoms of this new earth.

The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts. This attribute is related to that of God as the controller of the universe. Christology from an African perspective. By unique, it is meant that he is different from other creatures. They are the guidance of morality and the owners of the soil.


For a further and profound enquiry as to the meaning of worldview, there is a copious cache of literature available in this regard. People in mountainous areas worship spirits that dwell on the mountain. Eternity is the total simultaneous and perfect possession of life without limits. Among the Igbo, there is only one God called Chukwu, even though the nomenclature is contested, he is regarded as the God and creator of the whole universe.

There is also the sacred or supernatural status of an ancestor, which is the consequence of his death. The Golden Atlas Edward Brooke-hitching. Whenever he spits fire during his feats of anger, Oya neutralizes his anger with rain. He is an agent of Chukwu against undetected crimes.

From these names, God is real and not just real, but active. No one equals him in power. Next page of related Sponsored Products. This inner vision is a self-generated inner light from unity with all things. It is in this regard that the Yoruba refer to him as Oyigiyi Ota Aiku The mighty immovable, hard, ancient, durable rock that never dies.

Mbiti would argue that the African is notoriously religious. What is the nature of the beings in the African universe and the interactional network within the African cosmic order? Like Osun, she is also worshipped in rivers and streams. He is approachable in all occasions of life. This further explains why J.

African cosmology pdf

He is both transcendent and immanent. Even in our time, travellers turn to him for protection from accidents. When I came across this book, I picked it up because I recognized the name of the author in Robert T. He is feared by both men and divinities and could be unpredictable.

The new bodies naturally take the color of either and are pure black. Dr Bunseki is one of the great scholars of African religion and the leading authority.

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It is true that myths are not concerned with coherence but with conveying truths, but again the instrument for conveying this truth determines the value of the truth. Death is not understaood as the final end of man. Yoruba philosophy on the human person does not end with the body and spirit, there is a third element called the soul. Like Songo, he is also dreaded. Divinities are responsible to God for whatever act they perform in their relationship with human beings.

Basic Ancient African Cosmology Theories

African Cosmology of the Bantu-Kongo Principles of Life and Living

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Oya is a female divinity, referred to as the goddess of the River Niger. The analysis of the Yoruba idea of a human person as eniyan, reveals the African concept of man as a being having its origin and finality in the Supreme Being.

God is the Supreme Spirit, the creator of everything. He is transcendent, sovereign and possesses absolute power. How to Inspire People and Improve Performance. After many trillions of years at the end given universe our ancestors form a new earth from the stars and planets. These intermediaries are called divinities and share aspects of the divine status.