2010 Subaru Forester Service Manual Pdf

Subaru 2010 Forester Manual

Check the tire pressure when the tires are cold. The active safety system includes the brake system with disc brakes for all four wheels and equipped with electronic system of redistribution of brake efforts.

If the fluid level is extremely low, it may indicate possible leakage. Do not put cushions or any other materials between occupants and seatbacks or seat cushions. Sun Visors The setting can be changed using the navigation monitor. When the lever is pulled up, the seat rises.

Subaru Forester remains a reactionary. Updated Subaru Forester can be easily recognized by the modified front headlamps, a new picture of the radiator and tail lights. Subaru was the first automotive plant in the U. For the most reliable braking in extreme situations, estao de tratamento de efluentes pdf the Forester is equipped with a system priority brake Brake Override.

When you carry something inside the vehicle, secure it whenever you can to prevent it from being thrown around inside the vehicle during sudden stops, sharp turns or in an accident. After replacement, the new parts must be broken in as follows. The operating interval can be adjusted continuously from the shortest interval to the longest.

2010 subaru forester service manual pdf

The master key and submaster key fit all locks on your vehicle. When clutch fluid is added, be careful not to allow any dirt into the tank.

This manual describes the following vehicle types. Manual transmission Each quantity indicated above is only a guideline.


Depress the accelerator pedal until the vehicle reaches the desired speed. This is due to a lower center of gravity of the engine and vehicle in General, and a more even distribution of weight. To open the fuel filler lid, pull the lid release lever up. If the same fuse blows again, this indicates that its system has a problem.

If the magazine in the player has an idle position where you can insert a disc, the disc number indicator associated with the idle position will blink. Page sory weight, including heavy duty brakes, ride levelers, roof rack, heavy duty battery, and special trim. The All-Wheel-Drive capability of the vehicle has now been deactivated.

Power Steering Power steering The power steering system operates only when the engine is running. Such accessories may cause the electronic system to malfunction if they are incor- rectly installed or if they are not suited for the vehicle. When washing the vehicle, the brakes may get wet. To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not operate the defogger and deicer system con- tinuously for any longer than necessary. Do not let dust, oil or water get on or in the transmitter when repla- cing the battery.

Otherwise, serious transmis- sion damage will result. Maximum load rating The load rating at the maximum permissible weight load for this tire. Key Reminder Chime contains an immobilizer transponder.

If it is not used, there is the possibility of causing a negative effect to the engine. Clean them off using a toothbrush or another narrow-ended implement.

Master key, submaster key and valet key. The height of the seat can be adjusted by moving the seat cushion adjustment lever up and down. To use the cigarette lighter, push in the knob and wait a few moments. Trailer Hitches Choose a proper hitch for your vehicle and trailer.

The active head restraints may not operate in the event the vehicle experiences only a slight impact in the rear. When the vehicle is headed up the hill, the front wheels should be turned away from the curb.

If you lose power steering assist because the engine stops or the system fails to function, you can steer but it will take much more effort. Page Upper level Lower level It is unnecessary to periodically check the battery fluid level or periodically refill with distilled water. Pull out the end of the blade rubber assembly to unlock it from the plastic support. Center ventilators Move the tab up and down or right and left to adjust the flow direction. Cargo tie-down hooks The cargo area is equipped with four tie- down hooks so that cargo can be secured with a cargo net or ropes.

2010 subaru forester service manual pdf2010 subaru forester service manual pdf2010 subaru forester service manual pdf

If the vehicle is equipped with a reclining rear seatback feature, when reclining the rear seatback, move the front cover backward so that the cover is not damaged. Observe the following precautions. To dry the brakes, drive the vehicle at a safe speed while lightly pressing the brake pedal to heat up the brakes.


2010 subaru forester service manual pdf

Reporting Safety Defects u. Reclining The Seatback if Equipped To raise the head restraint, pull it up while pressing the release button on the top of the seatback.

2010 subaru forester service manual pdf

What has changed in the crossover and how deep were these changes, we try to find out during our test drive! Do not pick up a bottle from the bottle holder or put a bottle in the holder while you are driving, as this may distract you and lead to an accident. In either case, the result could be serious injuries. Page Audio there are deposits, wipe the disc surface from the center outward with a dry, soft cloth. Inspect the tire tread regularly and replace the tires before their tread wear indicators become visi- ble.

Use the disc select button to select the disc to be ejected. Intelligent dynamic stabilization system allows you to confidently take turns at high speed. Air flows through the instrument panel outlets. Pull out the level gauge again and check the oil level on it.